How We Work

How can we help you?

On this page I’ll let you know of the kind of results you can expect from working with us. I’ll also give you a sense of the approach we take with clients and how we are different from other people working in this field.

Expected Results

We give hope to women struggling with fertility. We have helped many couples achieve their dream of having a baby of their own either naturally or in conjunction with Western Assisted Reproductive Technologies such as  IVF.

We improve IVF success rates with acupuncture. Studies now show that using acupuncture in conjunction with IVF improves your chance of conceiving by 40-60%. We not only use acupuncture but also nutritional, dietary and lifestyle modifications to help you maximise your potential for conceiving and carrying a baby to term.

We enhance your health during pregnancy and increase your chances of having a healthy baby.Regular treatment pre-conception and during pregnancy have helped many clients maintain a healthy pregnancy. A healthy mother equates to a healthy baby.

We empower you to have a calm labour with a reduction in pain, time spent labouring and the need for medical intervention. Knowledge is power. Armed with an understanding of acupressure and breathing techniques for labour we can arm you with tools to have your best possible birth.

Our Philosophy

Hope – The fertility journey can be a tough one. It is imperative for us to provide our clients with the hope that they can one day enjoy a pregnancy and ultimately hold a baby of their own.

Empathic Understanding – Having our own personal history with infertility we understand the rollercoaster of emotions most infertile couples are experiencing. We feel it is important for clients to feel they have someone who understands the difficult road they are on.

Support – We believe in the need for regular treatments to ensure the couple feel they are more than adequately supported, emotionally and physically, during the fertility process and pregnancy.

Knowledge is Power – We believe the more couples know about their individual fertility health and how to improve it the more likely they are to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term.

Receptivity – We believe a combination of natural therapies builds a strong foundation for fertility and ensure the body is in it’s most receptive state possible to ensure success with conception and pregnancy. It is then that clients know they have done everything in their power to help improve their chances of having a baby.

Spirit – We believe it is essential when travelling on the fertility road not to forget to take time to reconnect with yourself and with your partner. It is easy to get lost in the all consuming drive to have a baby and forget to experience joy in day to day living.

Our Approach

We offer a multifaceted approach to improving upon fertility and pregnancy health: Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, diet, nutrition and lifestyle advice. All of this is tailored to suit your individual needs.

We search for reasons behind your lack of success with fertility. We take a wholistic approach and look at your health in all areas – body, mind and spirit. An imbalance in any system of the body can impact upon your fertility. It may take time to correct these imbalances but the result will be worthwhile – a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!

How Is Our Acupunture Service Unique?

There are many approaches to improving your fertility why trust ours? In addition to our qualifications in acupuncture, we have a passion for helping people have babies and regain their health afterwards.  Kirsty has been on her own struggles with fertility which led to years of focused research to develop specific programs to effectively help her clients.

We take the time to hear your history and understand the journey you’ve been on. We invest our energy into working out a fertility plan that best suits you and your partner – one that will effectively move you towards your goal of having a baby of your own. We take a genuine interest in helping you rebalance your body and modify your lifestyle and diet to help ensure your body is receptive to pregnancy and is able to carry a baby to term.

Now that you have a better idea about our approach and philosophy and the results you can expect, go to our acupunture services page to learn about the specific services and programs you can access to start improving your fertility.