IVF Support

Is this for you?

This service suits those who have chosen to combine Western reproductive technologies with natural fertility support. This program is designed to improve your outcomes with IUI or IVF by increasing your chances of conceiving.

Why would you need it?

You may have been undergoing IUI or IVF treatments for quite some time with no success.
You may be considering IUI or IVF and would like to do everything possible to ensure it is successful. You are wondering how natural therapies would complement the process.

You may be wondering how the IVF Support Program can be beneficial when undergoing IUI and IVF and contemplating questions such as:

  • Can combining IVF/IUI with the IVF Support Program increase your chance of conceiving and carrying a baby to term?
  • How does following the IVF Support Program increase your chance of conceiving and carrying a baby to term?
  • Can the IVF Support Program help increase conception rates if male factor infertility is involved?
  • Have you left it too late? Can following the IVF Support Program give hope to older couples?
  • Can the IVF Support Program help poor responders to IVF?

What will it do for you?

Following the IVF Support Program will dramatically increase your chance of conceiving and carrying a baby to term.

Current studies have shown that women who combined IVF with acupuncture were:
65% more likely to have a successful embryo transfer procedure and
91% more likely to have a live birth.
The IVF Support Program further increases your chances by combining the acupuncture with dietary and nutrition advice.

How does following the IVF Support Program increase your chance of conceiving and carrying a baby to term?

Increases the flow of blood to the uterus and ovaries
An impediment to success with IVF-embryo transfer is a reduced flow of blood in uterine arteries. Studies now demonstrate that acupuncture treatments markedly increase blood flow to the uterus thus increasing your likelihood of success.

Studies also report blood flow to the ovaries is enhanced by acupuncture and the thickness of the endometrial lining increases after treatments.
Many IVF Clinics in the USA, such as the Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Centre in Colorado, understand the importance of improving blood flow to the uterus and because of this commonly promote Acupuncture alongside IVF treatments. They recommend the use of acupuncture with IVF protocols to significantly increase birth outcomes and significantly decrease ectopic pregnancies and miscarriage rates.

Reduces stress in regards to infertility and going through an IVF cycle. Reduces anxiety while awaiting IVF results :
There have been numerous studies documenting the impact stress has on fertility and how reduction in stress can improve it. It has been demonstrated by that Acupuncture causes a significant increase in ß-endorphin levels during treatment, which lasts for up to 24 hours. Due to this acupuncture provides an excellent method of stress reduction for women undergoing infertility treatment.

Subjective studies on IVF patients reveal Acupuncture patients report significantly less anxiety post-transfer and reported feeling more optimistic about their cycle and enjoyed their sessions more than the control subjects.

Reduces the incidence of miscarriage
Recent studies report when acupuncture is combined with IVF treatments the miscarriage rate is almost halved , and the rate of ectopic pregnancies is significantly lower. Thus thelive-birth rate per IVF/ICSI cycle was significantly higher.

Acupuncture is capable of improving the uterine environment so that implantation is improved and uterine contractility reduced.

Lessens the side effects from hormonal treatments with IVF
Clients following the IVF support program report a reduction in moodswings during the IVF process and a reduction in pain post egg retrieval.

Gives hope to ‘poor responders’
A clinical trial combining IVF with acupuncture found patients with poor prognoses (elevated Peak FSH, longer history of infertility, poor sperm morphology) had similar pregnancy rates to normal prognosis patients.

How does the IVF Support Program help increase conception rates if male factor infertility is involved?
Acupuncture is a large part of the IVF Support Program. Many current studies on Acupuncture have found that it promotes healthy sperm production and improves sperm count, motility and morphology.

Gives hope to older women.
As we approach our menopausal years our blood flow to the uterus markedly decreases hampering fertility. Regular acupuncture significantly improves blood flow through uterine arteries and consequently improves conception and live birth rates. By combining this with dietary and lifestyle advice you are significantly increasing your potential for success.

What will happen?

The IVF Support Program offers varying levels of support:

      • OPTIMAL – 3 months of weekly treatments prior to beginning any assisted fertility procedures to ensure the couple are as healthy as possible. Sperm take 90 -120 days to develop which is what couples should allow if they expect to see any improvement in sperm quality or quantity. Three months is also adequate time to observe differences in a woman’s cycle denoting an improvement in hormonal regulation and balance. Three months is also enough time to address and correct any dietary or lifestyle factors that could impact fertility. Treatments involve acupuncture, herbs, nutritional supplementation, dietary and lifestyle advice.
      • Diagnosis prior to IVF transfer

Generally when clients are referred from a fertility clinic there is not enough time for three months of treatment prior to transfer. In these instances I ask the couple to see me as soon as possible so I can assess both of their constitutions, diets and lifestyles and recommend changes. I will begin treatment that matches the pattern they fit in Traditional Chinese Medicine. For women I focus strongly on promoting blood flow to the uterus to aid implantation of the embryo.


    Treatments prior to transfer ensure good blood flow through the uterine arteries. An endometrium well supplied with blood is an ideal place to for an embryo to implant and grow.
    • Treatment the day before transfer and Treatment within the hour immediately after transfer

Recent studies have shown that women following this protocol were 65% more likely to have a successful embryo transfer procedure and 91% more likely to have a live birth.

    • Treatment the day of or day before sperm collection

Treatment before sperm collection can invigorate the sperm enhancing motility. Men can also be treated for stress/anxiety as many find providing a sample quite daunting and this could have an impact on the sperm sample provided.

    • Treatment once or twice weekly while waiting for results

The two week wait for IVF results can be a highly anxious time. Regular acupuncture at this time dramatically take the edge off the anxiety. Treatments also focus on raising your ‘Qi’ (energy or life force) to help hold the embryo in place.

    • Weekly treatment in the early stages of pregnancy

Weekly treatments are very important for clients who have a history of miscarriage or are anxious about maintaining their pregnancy. Acupuncture treatments at this time focus on keeping the client calm and raising the Qi to hold the embryo in place. Weekly treatments are also psychologically reassuring to a client with a history of miscarriage/infertility as clients are aware the treatments help promote the continuation of a healthy pregnancy. It is also beneficial that they have regular contact with someone that will help allieviate their fears. Acupuncture is also very effective for morning sickness and lethargy.

The IVF Support Program includes:

  • An initial detailed health assessment including a review of current diet and lifestyle choices
  • Dietary and Lifestyle recommendations and advice
  • Weekly Acupuncture treatments to complement the IVF/IUI process and increase your chance of success, minimise stress, improve upon your individual fertility and general health
  • Individually prescribed nutritional supplements to correct any nutritional deficiencies noted and improve on fertility and aid the progression of a healthy pregnancy
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