Labour Preparation

Is this for you?

This four week program (one session weekly) from 36 weeks gestation is designed to prepare the mother’s body for labour, reduce time spent in labour and reduce the need for medical intervention during labour. In one of the sessions labour support partners are given practical advice and demonstrations on how they can dramatically reduce the pain felt in labour for the mum to be.

Why would you need it?

You would like to enjoy the most natural birth possible. You would like to reduce your time spent in labour and minimise the need for western medical intervention.
You would like to eliminate or reduce your need for Western pain relief options, understanding the link with poor breastfeeding and bonding in babies that have experienced common labour drugs. You would like to welcome your baby into the world as peacefully as possible.

After deciding you would like to experience the most natural birthing experience possible you may be wondering :

  • How does the program prepare your body for labour?
  • How does the program reduce time spent in labour and the need for medical intervention?
  • How effective is acupressure for pain relief in labour?
  • What will it do for you?

By following this program you will be increasing your likelihood of experiencing the most natural birth possible. Time spent in labour will be reduced and the need for medical intervention and pain relief minimised.

Studies since 1974 have shown that having weekly acupuncture treatments for the 4 weeks prior to the baby’s due date significantly reduces time spent in labour. Prebirth acupuncture has also been shown to reduce the rate of medical intervention including medical inductions and caesarean sections.

Treatments are individualized but also follow a standard set of points that have been documented effective in studies. These prescribed points are capable of preparing the cervix and pelvis.

Prebirth acupuncture is also competent in resolving stress and anxiety which often hampers or prolongs labour. Unresolved fears, of how the labour will be or how you will cope with a new baby at home, can all impact on the labour. These are dealt with during your weekly sessions so that you are able to face your labour with a positive and calm attitude. A calm mother often ensures a calm, efficient labour.

Lifestyle and dietary advice is an essential component of the Labour Preparation Program. Advice is given on foods to eliminate and include that will promote labour occurring naturally and continuing efficiently.

Acupressure is highly effective in dramatically reducing pain felt during labour. Most clients report that acupressure is a tool they could not have coped without. The majority of clients are able to labour without the need for pharmaceutical pain relief. Acupressure also allows birth partners to feel they are significantly able to make a difference to the pain their partner is experiencing. Partners feel bonded through the experience.

What will happen?

The Labour Preparation Program consists of weekly 1hr treatments for 4 weeks from 36 weeks gestation.
The Labour Preparation includes:

  • An initial detailed health assessment including a review of current diet and lifestyle choices
  • Education and insight into a Traditional Chinese Medical approach to labour
  • Dietary and Lifestyle recommendations and advice to promote a natural and efficient labour.
  • Weekly Acupuncture treatments to prepare the body for the birthing experience.
  • Instruction on Acupressure use in labour to significantly reduce pain experienced and promote an efficient, natural labour.

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