Pre-Conception Care

Is this for you?

This program is for you if you do not have any fertility issues but you would like to improve your health prior to conceiving. By following this program you are ensuring the healthiest possible pregnancy and baby.

Why would you need it?

You are contemplating having a baby and would like to enjoy a healthy, successful pregnancy and would like to help your baby have the best start in life.

You may simply be interested in being in optimum health prior to conceiving or you may be concerned about areas such as:

  • How your past/current health issues or lifestyle will affect your fertility status
  • How conducive is your current diet/nutrition levels towards conceiving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy
  • How the stress in your current work/home environment will impact upon your fertility
  • How your age will affect your ability to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy/baby

What will it do for you?

By following this program you will be putting yourself in the best possible position to fall pregnant easily, maintain a healthy pregnancy and birth a healthy baby.

The Preconception Care Program includes a detailed examination of your past and current health issues and lifestyle. This provides an insight into what issues could potentially hinder your success with fertility or pregnancy. Combining the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine, modern nutritional knowledge and lifestyle advice it is easy to build upon your health so you fall pregnant and continue to full term with ease.

Through focusing on your health holistically this program addresses any imbalances and gently guides your body back to its natural state of being in balance and fertile. Treatments are tailored specifically to address your individual requirements.

The Preconception Care Program aims to provide clients with a thorough understanding of dietary and nutrition advice to ensure success with reproduction and provide their future baby with the best possible start in life. Client’s diets are improved upon to encourage their bodies to be highly receptive to pregnancy. Nutritional supplements are often incorporated as these are, in most individuals, a necessary part of boosting fertility and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

The Preconception Care Program gives hope to older women. As we approach our menopausal years our blood flow to the uterus markedly decreases hampering fertility. Recent studies have found that regular acupuncture significantly improves blood flow through uterine arteries and consequently improves conception and live birth rates. By combining this with dietary and lifestyle advice you are significantly increasing your potential for success.

With the continual stress most of us are under, our bodies are often frequently focused on pumping out stress hormones rather than balancing the finer tuned fertility hormones. The Preconception Care Program understands the negative impact stress has upon fertility. Through following the program, stress is dramatically reduced and hormones balanced with calming Acupuncture treatments and herbal remedies. Advice is also given on how to better manage your stress levels through exercise and meditation principles.

What will happen?

The Preconception Care Program consists of weekly 1hr treatments, herbs and nutritional supplements for at least three consecutive months.

Why three months?

Your egg and sperm quality reflect the health your body has been in the previous 90 – 120 days that they taken to develop. High stress, inadequate nutrition, inadequate rest during those 90-120 days all have an impact on this development and affect your fertility levels.

Three months of the Preconception Care Program ensures your body is in the most receptive state possible to conceive and go on to birth a healthy baby.

The Preconception Care Program includes:

  • An initial detailed health assessment including a review of current diet and lifestyle choices
  • Education and insight on how to understand fertility and read and work with your body’s own fertile signs
  • Dietary and Lifestyle recommendations and advice
  • Weekly Acupuncture treatments to minimise stress, improve upon fertility and general health
  • Individually prescribed Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal formulas to balance hormones and improve on fertility
  • Individually prescribed nutritional supplements to correct any nutritional deficiencies noted and improve on fertility and aid the progression of a healthy pregnancy
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