Our Acupuncture Services

We offer a variety of programs and treatments tailored to suit your individual fertility, pregnancy and general health needs.

  • Pre Conception Care
  • Natural Fertility Support
  • IVF Support
  • Pregnancy Support
  • Labour Preparation
  • Post Partum Wellness
  • Babies and Children’s Health
  • General Health

Below you will find a short summary of each program, click through to find out more about it and how it could help you.

Pre Conception Care

This program suits those without fertility issues who are wishing to improve their health prior to conceiving.  The program is designed to build your health prior to conceiving to ensure the healthiest possible pregnancy and baby. Based at our clinic in Herston, it is a one-on-one or couples based program.
Learn more about the Pre Conception Care Program (Acupuncture Fertility Treatment)


Natural Fertility Support

This program suits those with fertility issues (male or female). The program is designed to resolve or reduce fertility issues to maximise your chances of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy and baby. Based at our clinic in Herston, it is a one-on-one or couples based program.
Learn more about Natural Fertility for Women and Men


IVF Support

This service suits those who have chosen to combine Western Reproductive Technologies with natural fertility support. This program is designed to improve your outcomes with IUI, or IVF by increasing your chances of conceiving. Based at our clinic in Herston, it is a one-on one or couples based program.
Learn more about the IVF Support services


Pregnancy Support

This weekly program throughout all trimesters suits those wishing to maintain a successful, healthy pregnancy and reduce the incidence or severity of common pregnancy ailments. The weekly one-on-one sessions include Acupuncture, Pregnancy based information, Nutrition advice, and Dietary and Lifestyle advice. They are conducted in our Herston clinic.

This is also available on an individual basis to treat common pregnancy ailments without coming weekly throughout all trimesters.

Learn more about Acupuncture and Pregnancy


Labour Preparation

This 4 week program (one session each week) from 35 weeks gestation is designed to prepare the mother’s body for labour, reduce time spent in labour and reduce the need for medical intervention during labour. In one of the sessions labour support partners are given practical advice and demonstrations on how they can dramatically reduce the pain felt in labour for the mum to be. Based at our clinic at Herston these four sessions are one-on-one with one sessions including the support partner.

Learn more about the Labour Preparation program


Post Partum Wellness

Many mothers are often heard saying that there health has never been quite right after the birth of their child. If a woman doesn’t focus on rebuilding their health in the months after labour they often see the beginning of health problems that persist for many years. This four week program is designed to enable the mother’s body to heal after the arduous nine months of pregnancy and labour. Treatments focus on rebuilding the health of the mother and addressing any post labour conditions. Based at our Herston, treatments are one-on-one and include acupuncture, dietary and nutrition advice.

Learn more about the Postpartum Wellness program


General Health

We treat an extensive and varied list of health concerns and also offer maintenance treatments to keep bodies healthy and in balance. By knowing your body well and continually building upon it’s weaknesses you are more able to successfully maintain your health and ward off any potential health conditions your body’s constitution may be susceptible to. Maintenance treatments can be weekly, fortnightly or even monthly depending on your individual health requirements. The number of treatments required for health concerns depends on the specific complaint, and on the individual’s health. Treatments are one-on-one and conducted at out Herston based clinic.

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