Puberty Support

In traditional Chinese medicine, puberty is regarded as the first of three Life Gates that a woman may go through. The second being pregnancy and the third is menopause. A Life Gate is a time of tremendous physiological, psychological and physical change. A stage of immense hormonal shifts and a time where women are at their most vulnerable in regard to health. During any hormonal transition, prioritising health is critical, as failure to do so can allow health conditions to manifest and prevail throughout one’s lifetime.

Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture have been supporting young women navigate this hormonal transition for centuries. As the menstrual cycle commences, it is typical for periods to be irregular and often painful and/or have a heavy flow. Moods can also fluctuate through this delicate hormonal development. Treatments at Kirsty Eng Fertility involve supporting healthy emotional wellbeing and menstrual cycle regularity.

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