Other Practitioners

Tatum Schluter

Clinic Assistant Tatum is currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science in Acupuncture through Endeavour College.  She has a strong passion for natural medicine in relation to fertility and gynaecological conditions.  After hearing stories from friends and her own experiences with gynaecological conditions, Tatum was determined to find an alternative therapy that could help relieve […]

Rachael Rayner

  Clinic Assistant Rachael discovered Chinese Medicine through her own fertility journey.  Now a mum of 3, she is studying a Bachelor of Health Science in Acupuncture Therapies at Endeavour College so she can help others on their journey.  Rachael has a particular interest in women’s health and fertility, as well as autoimmune conditions and […]

Gay Landeta

Kinesiologist Gay Landeta works with people who are fed up with feeling stuck and unable to move forward in life. Her clients feel out of balance and out of sync with themselves and others and very often have tried everything they know but nothing is working. Gay helps them to clear the blocks to creating the […]