Menopause Wellness

Menopause is a vulnerable and critical window for women where prioritising health needs to be paramount.  Failure to focus on optimising health in this season of life, can unfortunately allow for the onset of varied chronic diseases.   Apart from a healthy diet, one of the most effective ways to enhance physical, mental and emotional health, is to strive for balance. Are you able to achieve balance between your work and personal life, or are you burning the candle at both ends?  Are you balancing your care for others with your own self care?  Traditional Chinese medicine is an ancient medicine innately centered on maintaining balance.   Balance of the Yin & Yang energies in the body is imperative during menopausal transition.

On of the most prevalent and obvious signs of a Yin Yang imbalance is the arrival of Hot Flushes.  Although Hot Flushes are a natural part of the menopausal transition, they indicate to us a decline in the Yin energies of the body, specifically the Yin of the Kidney energy. The Kidneys are known as the ‘Gate of Vitality’ and are the foundational energy of the body.  They are the powerhouse for all the organs, maintaining Yin and Yang balance throughout our entire system.   They also delicately balance the body’s temperature through governing water metabolism.  The natural decline in this function, not only brings forth Hot Flushes but other Kidney Yin deficient symptoms such as Night Sweats, Excessive Thirst and Vaginal Dryness.  Symptoms such as Feeling Cold Easily, Frequent Urination, Waking at Night to Urinate and Low Libido indicate the Kidney Yang energy is deficient.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has for centuries been safely providing its own form of natural hormone therapy to relieve Hot Flushes and the myriad of other symptoms arising at this time.   Thousands of years ago they were aware enough to propose that positive lifestyle changes would help prevent and reduce Hot Flushes. We cannot change the natural aging process, but we can develop healthy lifestyle habits to slow the process, such as routine moderate exercise, regular acupuncture treatment, meditation, healthy diet and work/life balance. Especially during the menopausal transition, it is recommended to avoid caffeine, alcohol, spicy food, and refined sugar to prevent or reduce Hot Flushes. Committing to these healthy and balanced lifestyle approaches, supports the Kidney energy to function adequately.

If you have been struggling with Hot Flushes or any other menopausal symptom, come in for a treatment and see how effectively traditional Chinese medicine can ease your transition.