Who We Are

Kirsty Eng Fertility is a Brisbane based team of female acupuncturists offering natural medicine support in the fields of fertility, pregnancy and general health. Director Kirsty Eng established the clinic 17 years ago, and through her own personal infertility struggles Kirsty became passionate and focused on providing fertility acupuncture support.   The serenity of the clinic, her knowledge, guidance and empathy saw the patient numbers grow quickly and Kirsty began to gather in a team to help with the increasing demand for her services.  Acupuncturists that work alongside Kirsty have been fully trained in her approaches and methods and hold the same care, hope and empathy to best support couples walking a fertility journey.

The Kirsty Eng Fertility patient base has grown predominately through ‘word of mouth’ or specialist referrals.    Over the years Kirsty Eng Fertility has built on her reputation in the community and provided education on fertility acupuncture support and pregnancy acupuncture support to multiple IVF clinics, maternity hospitals, and groups such as ‘Friends of the Birth Centre’.   Kirsty has established and maintained connections with fertility specialist Drs and IVF clinics, endeavouring to find a mutually supportive path to best care for patients on their fertility journey.   

Travelling with so many couples on the fertility path, Kirsty and her team of therapists have heard many, many stories and can provide support and wisdom to you on yours.

The scope of Kirsty Eng Fertility services include: pre-conception care, natural fertility support, IVF support, labour preparation, pregnancy support, post-partum wellness, hormonal health at all ages, and general health.