Community Acupuncture

At Kirsty Eng Fertility as we proudly introduce Community Acupuncture sessions with our amazing acupuncturist, Grace Sun, every Tuesday morning ????.

These affordable acupuncture treatments are specially designed to ensure that everyone in the community can easily access our services.
During these sessions, you will undergo a quick diagnosis through a written questionnaire, followed by a relaxing 20-minute acupuncture treatment.

The treatments can be tailored to focus on supporting fertility, pregnancy, or general health. If you’re seeking fertility support, we will take into consideration where you are in your cycle and concentrate on promoting relaxation and supporting blood flow to the uterus.

Please note that community acupuncture appointments do not allow for detailed diagnosis and treatment. If you require a more in-depth assessment, we recommend booking our usual initial or regular consultation.

Book through our website or by calling reception at 3852 3384.