Tampon, Pad, Menstrual Cup or Period pants? What is the healthiest option?

It’s the latest debate isn’t it, tampon, sanitary pad or the newcomers to the block the menstrual cups and period pants?  Lets break down which is the healthiest. Although super convenient and for many of us very familiar, tampons, are shockingly full of health concerns and risks.  Once up to their maximum absorbing capacity, tampons […]

‘Plastic Is Damaging Our Reproductive Health’

We’ve all heard that BPA is not great for our health.  Have you heard though that its substitutes are equally as damaging?  New research is confirming we are not off the hook when using ‘BPA free’ items.  One 2016 review of studies confirmed that BPA alternatives such as BPAF, BPB, BPF and BPS have shown […]