Emotional Health

Fertility Fatigue

Last year I empathised with a patient as we coined the term Fertility Fatigue to describe her current state of being.  I have since found myself reflecting on this term frequently, as I  meet with a constant stream of women ground down and exhausted by the fertility journey.   The novelty of trying for a baby […]

Do I Need To Be Positive?

Month after month of negative results and set backs can take its toll.    It is hard to feel positive when all you have experienced on this fertility road is the opposite.  When failure is all you’ve known, feeling positive can almost feel foolish.   Yet there is the notion that we must’be positive to […]

Include JOY in your fertilty prep!

The fertility path can lead you to feeling anything but joy. The constant month after month of negative results and setbacks is enough to dishearten even the most cheerful and upbeat of personalities.  As you focus on enhancing your fertility, it is important to understand the benefit of regularly setting time aside for activities that […]

Are You Adequately Supported?

The fertility journey can often have more lows than highs.  For very good reasons, many couples often choose to not open up and let friends and family know  that they are trying for a baby.  Including others in your journey can add unwanted pressure as they  check in with you to see if you have […]

Fertility Guide to Surviving December

December can be a tricky month to navigate when you have been trying for a baby all year.  For some of us we believe at the beginning of a new year, that this year will be the one in which we finally conceive.   With the whole year stretched out in front of us, it […]

Coping with Pregnancy Announcements

The further along you travel down the road to trying to conceive, the harder it is to cope with pregnancy announcements.  It’s not that you are not happy for them, it’s just that it can trigger a cascade of pent up emotions.   A friend falling pregnant relatively easily, may be a reminder to you of […]