Fertility Guide to Surviving December

December can be a tricky month to navigate when you have been trying for a baby all year.  For some of us we believe at the beginning of a new year, that this year will be the one in which we finally conceive.   With the whole year stretched out in front of us, it seems inevitable and even logical, that this year it will  all work out.   In reality though one year is only 12 opportunities to conceive, even less so if we require assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF.    So don’t be too hard on yourself if you haven’t yet achieved your goal.  Reflect instead on all the ways in which you have improved on your health and therefore your fertility receptiveness.    All the steps you’ve taken towards  healthier eating,  suitable exercise and reductions in stress are all commendable.  Focus on those achievements and be proud of yourself for all the changes you’ve made this year!

December is also a month of family focused events, especially  families with young children.  Seeing so many gorgeous babies and toddlers with their doting parents can be a tough reminder of what you want most in this world.   Santa photos streaming through your facebook and insta feed can hurt and may make you feel inadequate.  Now might be great time to have a digital detox and avoid seeing everyone’s highlight reel of the festive season.

Endeavour to make your Christmas season about you and your loved ones.  Focus on the people in your life that have cared and supported you this year on your fertility path.  Think of all the beautiful angels in your life and work out loving ways to thank them and show your appreciation.   Bringing to your attention the people  you are grateful for,  enables you to feel less alone on this often very lonely fertility journey.   Focusing on gratitude can also help to shift your focus to what you do have in your life,  instead of  solely on what you are missing.

Make your December the month of positive reflection and gratitude!




Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash