Kirsty Eng Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine

Kirsty Eng


BHSc (Acup), Cert. Advanced Clinical Studies (China), Dip HSc (Acup), B.Ed

Q – What Got You Into Doing What You Do?

In my early twenties I had quite a difficult time with a recurrent health issue and decided to try Natural Therapies. I found myself at a multi modality clinic where it was recommended that acupuncture would be beneficial. I was amazed at the result and from then on relied on acupuncture to keep my health in balance and reduce my stress levels. This fascination with acupuncture and the desire to help others eventuated in studying to become an acupuncturist.  Along with acupuncture I have been very interested in all areas of natural health particularly healthy diet, nutrition and lifestyle choices.

The interest in fertility arose through my own personal journey with fertility issues. A desire to understand the mechanisms behind infertility from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective propelled me into a new focussed area of interest and research in my practice.


Q – What Interests Or Even Fascinates You About Your Field?

I enjoy unravelling each individual and discovering why they are experiencing difficulty with a particular health concern. I love that Traditional Chinese Medicine is about understanding the mystery of each individual and what makes them tick.


Q – What Links Have You Made With The Fertility And Pregnancy Community?

I have previously presented to the Royal Brisbane Women’s hospital antenatal classes on the use of acupuncture during pregnancy and acupressure during labour. I have also presented to the nurses of Wesley Monash Fertility Clinic and Queensland Fertility Group on the use acupuncture with IVF.  I have also presented  to the group ‘Friends of The Birth Centre’.   In 2019 I was a panelist on Monash IVF’s ‘Ready, Set, Baby’ fertility panel.

I consistently receive referrals from various fertility specialist gynaecologists and fertility clinics.   A high percentage of my clients are combining acupuncture with their IUI or IVF procedures.

I am also referred to frequently by many midwives from the Mater and Royal Women’s Hospital.


Q – What do you like doing when you’re not at work?

I have a thirteen year old boy and nine year old girl who keep me very busy!!  After years of trying to conceive, my husband and I, are now enjoying being a family and we delight in the joy these two blessings bring to our lives.   When we are not watching their extra curricular activities, or attending school events, endless birthday parties and being  a mum taxi service!, we love spending time together in nature.

When I do have alone time I enjoy a cup of tea and reading anything on consciousness and energy medicine.  I love walking on the beach at sunset, spending time with my gorgeous dogs and enjoy practicing meditation.


Qualifications and Training


B.Hsc (Acup)
Dip.Hsc (Acup)
Cert. Advanced Clinical Studies (China)


AACMA member