Strengthen Your Immunity

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, I would like to share with you my knowledge of how best to promote a strong and healthy immune system and reduce your risks of contracting this virus.


How to strengthen your immunity and reduce the impact of COVID-19?

Acupuncture has a long history of building immunity and preventing illness.  In modern research, acupuncture’s ability to activate the immune system and its immunomodulating capabilities, have been repeatedly evidenced.  If you are healthy/well, now is great time to build on this with some regular acupuncture to avoid your chances of contracting this current virus.


To strengthen your immunity further, I have sourced the highest quality Chinese herbs and supplements available:


  • Defence Plus (Jade Screen Formula) – A classic traditional Chinese formula for significantly promoting and strengthening immune function.   Defence Plus contains the queen of immunity herbs “Huang Qi or Astragalus’, well known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties.


  • Mushroom Forte by Mediherb – Containing a powerful combination of mushrooms – Reishi, Shiitake and Maiatake, this supplement is particularly effective at supporting healthy immune function and preventing colds and flus.  Mushrooms are known for their immune regulating properties, along with antibacterial and antiviral properties.  They are also known to activate and stimulate macrophages (white blood cells that respond and defend against infection).


  • Zinc Protect by Mediherb – This high dose combination of all the well-known immune favourites C,E and Zinc is essential precautionary protection.
  • Balance Oil by Zinzino This new to the market, balanced oil supplement, is a high strength combination of omega 3, vitamin D3 with polyphenols.  This unique blend base in high quality olive polyphenols enables a 100% absorption rate of omega 3 (unlike other omega 3 products on the market which oxidise easily).  Omega 3 is well known to decrease inflammation, which is incredibly important as chronic inflammation decreases your body’s ability to cope with viruses, colds and flus. A deficiency of Vitamin D3 has been linked to a higher prevalence of upper respiratory tract infections, thus at a time like this it is not a vitamin you want to be low in,  Zinzino Balance Oil has also been proven to increase cell permeability, which means any additional immune supplements you are taking are being far more efficiently absorbed.


All of these products can be purchased in the Kirsty Eng Fertility clinic.   We are also able to post them out to you. I recommend taking all 4 products throughout the entirety of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Should you begin to develop respiratory symptoms, call us on (07)3852 3384 and we will advise you on which herbs/supplements can best support you.


We also recommend:


  • Reducing the intake of phlegm forming foods such as dairy, sugar, coffee, bananas and avocados.  Although COVID-19 is characterised by a dry cough, there are reports that the lungs are overwhelmed with phlegm which is hard to expectorate.  Begin reducing these foods now.  Increase foods such as pumpkin, sweet potato and garlic as these foods help to resolve phlegm.


  • Avoid sleeping under open windows, fans and air-conditioners to reduce your chance of catching a common cold.   Symptoms of the common cold can be quite worrying when a respiratory virus has similar features.


  • Adequate good quality sleep (8hrs) and regular rest/downtime.


  • Bone broths, chicken stocks, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.


  • Plug into activities that balance your ‘endocannabinoid system’.  Endocannabinoids are lipids found throughout the body that bind to receptors called ‘cannabinoids’.   They have been shown to regulate the entire body and maintain homeostasis. They play a significant role in modulating the immune system.  To improve upon the endocannabinoid system we can aim for adequate sleep, reducing stress with meditation and exercise, engaging in activities that bring you joy and a sense of peace.


  • Spend some time in nature and soak up some vitamin D from sunshine.


  • Regular handwashing and avoiding those with respiratory symptoms is also highly recommended.